Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

As soon as Thanksgiving dinner was over and the last guest left, I had Matt bring down all my Christmas decorations -- my favorite time of year!

It takes me about a week to get everything up. Tree #1 is done, still have tree #2 to go. And the Christmas Village (which may not make it up this year).


My sweet Miley
On Sunday, we went to a friend's house for "Cookies with Santa." We had so much fun seeing old friends we hadn't seen in a LONG time!

When Kendyl was 13 months old and I quit working to stay home with her, we joined a playgroup. This is our playgroup 7 years later!! We met once per week at each other's houses for nearly 4 years! Once Kendyl started kindergarten, we only saw each other on birthdays. Then eventually, that faded too. Then we saw everyone yearly at "Cookies with Santa." Last year Kendyl was sick and we didn't go and the year before that, we were busy -- so we haven't seen everyone in almost 2 years!! This was a special day and I love this picture of them all together again!
 In other news, Nick surprised us today with a "Countdown to Christmas" chain link.
Our little Nick is so much fun!

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