Saturday, October 12, 2013

Six Flags Dallas

On our last day in Dallas, we went to Six Flags. I haven't been there since high school and it was Kendyl's first time. We had a blast!!

It was a gorgeous day! The sun was shining and a cold front came through so it wasn't 110°.
It was also Fright Fest... there were scary people everywhere!
I don't do roller coasters or high rides...
...this is more my style.
Wild and crazy!
Uh-oh! Kendyl isn't crazy about rides that make her belly flop. Which this one did.
But she recovered.
This one she loved. You could pull the lever and go up and down.
We love the games!
Zoltar's good fortune strikes again!  There are 2 yellow holes in the entire board and Kendyl got it!! The one right in the middle!

She had to sign a Winner's Sheet for the big prize. She won the biggest prize in the park!
To top off our great day, they had a booth where you would get a custom necklace with your name on it.  Kendyl can never find anything with her name on it so this was so exciting for her!!
Oh my!
Such a fun day at Six Flags!!

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