Monday, October 7, 2013

Notre Dame vs Arizona Game

We went to Dallas to see the Notre Dame vs Arizona game.  If you can believe it, this game has been on our calendar for 3 years! Yes, you read correctly, 3 years. And our next Notre Dame game is scheduled for 2016 in Austin - yes, already on the calendar. Crazy, I know! But when you're fans, I guess that's just the way it goes!
We were all so excited!!  We had such high hopes for the summer and hoped to be able to do something fun at least by August, but with Kendyl's broken leg and physical therapy, we weren't able to do any kind of vacation. So this weekend getaway was much needed!!
We left on Friday evening.
Notre Dame bound
All packed up and ready to go.
I bought Kendyl a Rainbow Loom so she could have something to do on our 5 hour drive. If you haven't already purchased one, you HAVE TO GET IT!! The Rainbow Loom is so cool!! I even can't stop making bracelets!!
Watching movies...
And this is what I did on the way to Dallas. Great movie! Now I want to read the book.
We finally got to our hotel at midnight. We were all so tired.
On Saturday, we couldn't wait to get to the game!
Getting ready in our Notre Dame gear...

We started off the festivities at a tailgate party at Fishbone Grill.
Got our face painted!

And then we headed to the game.
It was at AT&T Center - home of the Dallas Cowboys.
The stadium is amazing!
It's amazing to think that all these people traveled to be at this game in Texas.
And Notre Dame takes the win!!
It was a great game and so much fun!!
But the game was not the only thing we did while we were in Dallas. We packed so much into 2 short days!! I'll be back to tell you all about it!!
Have a great day!!

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