Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Looks like it's going to rain and storm all day today for Halloween. Hopefully we get to go trick-or-treating!

But here's a look at my little vampiress.


S C A R Y ! ! !
We also had our Annual Halloween Party with all her besties!!

We had a Costume Contest for Best Costume.

All the girls voted on their favorite costume.

And Kendyl won!

And then there was Bunco at our house -- I wish I would have taken more pictures.
Have a Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Photo Dump

Here's what we've been up to.

We celebrated my birthday!

I came home from picking up Kendyl from school and this was waiting for me!!
My sweet husband surprised me!
And since I am watching what I eat, he got me 10 chocolate covered almonds, my favorite!

Every month we have a spirit night at the local pizza restaurant and we have a Tips for Teachers Night.
It was 3rd grade night!

Kendyl had a 1/2 day of school for teacher conferences and her BFF stayed with us after school.
I had to get my driver's licences renewed because it expired on my birthday.
Here we are at the DMV.

Then we grabbed lunch at Panera.

And had yogurt afterwards.

And finally searched the entire city for the Rainbow Loom.
We finally found one at Learning Express. Wahoo!

And yet another stomach virus for Kendyl.

Boot day at school for Bully Awareness Week.

At dinner with her BFF. Photo bomb.

Kendyl's first sleepover at our house

At a Rainbow Loop class at Learning Express.
They have them every week.
Kendyl will be teacher the class next week.

All her Rainbow Loom rubberbands.
I have to admit that I'm slightly addicted to the loom too! 

Our neighbor hood has a yearly garage sale day.

And Kendyl had a Lemonade Stand.

And sold her loom bracelets.

Sold out of cookies!
She rocked it! And made $35 selling lemonade, cookies and loom bracelets!!!

After our garage sale, we went to the pumpkin patch.

And then I surprised her with new Elf on the Shelf PJ's (from Kohl's if you want to order them online)!

Hope you have a great day!!