Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photo Dump

It's been a low-key weekend. We didn't have much planned. On Friday, we had physical therapy and then afterwards Kendyl and I went to get pampered and got our nails done.

Saturday we ran errands all day and Sunday I did my meal planning (which takes hours - I will blog about that one day) and Kendyl and I went to yoga.  After yoga, we rushed home to dinner that Matt had ready for us and then settled in to watch Big Brother - our fav!

Friday was spirit day at school.  These are our new spirit shirts for this school year. I was in charge of merchandise this year and have spent many hours this summer getting these shirts designed, printed and sold for our PTO. I have a special bond with these shirts! haha
On our way home from errands on Saturday, we were driving by the cotton fields next to our house and Kendyl was asking about the cotton so we were looking at the fields and I noticed something white move. I screamed for Matt to turn the car around -- he didn't believe that I saw an animal moving in the cotton. Sure enough, we saw a white buck! I've never seen a white deer before, much less a buck. We see deer all the time, brown does, nothing like this. It was pretty cool.
On Sundays, they have kids yoga in one room and Hatha Flow in another room. Kendyl loves yoga and I thought it would be good for her leg to start going every Sunday.
Miley waiting for me to clean her water dish and return it to it's spot. I love it when she sits like this.
That's about it for us.
Hope everyone has a great week!

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