Sunday, September 1, 2013

Photo Dump

This is what happened this week...

I went to school for lunch a few times this week to see if Kendyl was doing ok on her crutches.
It was College Day on Friday at school. Kendyl and her BFF both want to go to A&M and be roommates. I went to A&M and her BFF's mom also went to A&M (and, small world, we were both there at the same time). We are going to save this picture and frame it for when they go to college together! :)
While I was at school, I helped in the VIPs (volunteer) room for a little bit. There is so much to do this time of year! Lots of laminating and cutting.
We have to tear out ALL the pages in these books and staple together by section for all classes in that grade level! It's a job that takes weeks, sometimes months to do. And many volunteers!  If you only knew how many of these books I have done in the last 3 years, at school and at home at night, you wouldn't believe it!
Friday was also physical therapy day. Kendyl is doing great!! She is doing stepping exercises to force her to put pressure on her weak leg.
She's bowling!
We are also having algae problems in the pool. We had to drain it and treat it. It's all better now and ready for swimming tomorrow!
I got Kendyl an air curler, as seen on TV.
And it actually works!

Had to snap a few pictures of Kendyl watching tv. She looked so darn cute sitting there and didn't even notice me.
My niece spent the night on Saturday and they were upstairs making crafts. So sweet! I love family time!
Today we went to the One Direction movie. Kendyl and I were so excited, Kayla not so much. But she endured it. haha! It was such a cute movie! We loved it!!
On a side note, we went to the mall on Saturday because it was my niece's birthday last week and she wanted to go on a shopping spree for her birthday to pick out whatever she wanted. I had to rent another germ cart (stroller) for Kendyl because we were walking the mall for 5 hours, yes, you read correctly, 5 hours! While we were at one store, they were having a sale and I had my phone out to calculate the price of things and then put it in the cup holder of the stroller.  I forgot I put it there and turned around and it was GONE!!! Yes, stolen! So, I lost all my pictures I had taken and I have no phone! It's so weird. Luckily I had insurance but the new one won't get here until Wednesday. How will I manage!!!?????
Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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