Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fort Bend County Fair

We went to the Fort Bend County Fair on Friday night and had so much fun. We love to go to the fair and play games and eat fair food!

Kendyl's favorite thing to do is win fish. They never make it more than a day or two but she can't wait to win them! Then we go to the dollar store afterwards and get a fish bowl and all the fun stuff to put in it. It's a tradition.


First of SIX fish she won

So excited!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fort Bend County Fair Parade

Today was a school holiday because it was opening day of the Fort Bend County Fair. This is the first year the kids had off school for the fair and we were so excited to finally go to the kick-off parade, also our first time.

Matt ran the 5K that started the parade.
We had front row seats.
Matt is #67
The fire trucks are always a favorite of mine for some reason.
Kendyl and I want to go for a ride in this!
We loved the guy in the little car and there's Moe in the truck behind him.
And we seem to always run into this guy. See here and scroll all the way to the bottom.
It gets creepier...
This even freaked me out!
The Fort Bend County Queen candidates. They will pick the winner tonight at the fair.
Another Fort Bend County Queen candidate.
And every school had their cheerleaders and drill teams in the parade.
Chester Cheetah too!
And Ronald McDonald was there too!
We really had a great time at the parade. After the parade, we went to grab some lunch and then we are off to the fair.
And Matt won 3rd place in the 5K!!!
Have a great day!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Kendyl is sick again for the second time this school year.  She had a fever and stomach virus a few weeks ago and this week she has had a sore throat and headache.

We went to the doctor today to get a strep test and it came back negative but she has a virus.

This is how I found her...all snuggled up like a cocoon.


Poor baby! She feels terrible.
Hope she is better by Friday because we have a fun day planned. It's the opening day of the Fort Bend County Fair and it's also the first year that the kids have a school holiday for the fair. We plan on going to the parade in the morning and Matt is going to do the Fort Bend County Fair 5K that starts the parade.  Then it's off to the fair for games, rides and crowning of the Princess (Kendyl and I love that part).
Have everyone has a great day!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #27

Welcome to Project Life Post #26!!  
This post is through September 18, 2013.

Just a reminder, I do Project Life like I would do a regular scrapbook: chronologically and I do one whole page or two pages of the same theme/occasion, but many times my pages have random pictures too. I still do Project Life weekly (really I will work on my albums almost every day) but I have several pages per week instead of a 2-page spread per week.
Here we go...
Somehow I forgot this layout in last week's post.
Full Layout
Left Side: Random pictures about school
Right Side: Random pictures

Left Side Close Up

Lunch at school

From the first day of 3rd grade

Lunch fun

More lunch fun

Right Side Close Up

Movies: One Direction
Loved it!!

Insert of school work

Full Layout
Left Side: NOT FINISHED YET -- I will add pictures from school as the year goes on.
Right Side: School work

NOT FINISHED YET -- I will add pictures from school as the year goes on.

More school work

Matt was out of town last week in a training class.

Thanks for looking!

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