Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweet N Sassy - Last Summer Hurrah!

On Friday, our last day of summer, I took Kendyl and her best friend to Sweet N Sassy for a mini make-over.
Earlier this year, at Kendyl's school carnival, we won an auction for a "Best Friends" make-over so what better time to use it than now!
Sweet N Sassy is a place for kids to get pampered and also a super cute boutique!
It's also where Kendyl had her 8th birthday party.
They started off getting up-dos.
And make-up.
Then they got to pick a mood ring.
And get manicures.
And they ended by going down the runway posing and having fun!
They also got glitter stamps.
After Sweet N Sassy, we went to The Sweet Boutique next door for cupcakes.
We might have had cupcakes before LUNCH!!
So delicious!!
And after cupcakes, we had lunch at La Madeleine.
Then the girls came back to our house and played all afternoon.
They had the greatest time!
And Kendyl was walking all day without crutches!! That's the best news of all!!

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