Monday, August 5, 2013

PL Organization

I am always trying to find ways to organize all my Project Life stuff in a way that I can see it all and, therefore, use it all.

I work on my Project Life in the living room on the couch so I am constantly getting up and going to my office to get what I need and taking it back to the couch. I am always forgetting about all the embellishments I have or not wanting to drag them out and make a mess if I only a few minutes to work on Project Life. They start to stack up and get buried and never used.

I have found that the best way for me to use all the things I buy is to have them visible and readily available. I started putting them in a white box lid when I got a ton of little embellies in a Studio Calico kit. I actually used almost all of them except for about 5!!! I never did that before! I actually USED most of my stash!! So, I started using a white drawer that is about an inch tall and PERFECT for spreading out all my embellies.

Here it is...

The drawer is from this organizer cube,default,pd.html?cgid=products-scrapbooking-storage. All I do is bring out the drawer when I'm working and then put it away when I'm done. No more bringing out little packages and spreading them all over the couch or sifting through a huge pile of stuff. The only problem I have found with this method is when I trip when walking with it or accidentally bump it -- then I have to spread them out again. :)

I also finally got all my stuff in the Raskog cart I got last weekend.

The top holds mClose To My Heart Medium Container -- it holds all my journaling cards.
I also got 2 containers at Ikea to put in the middle and bottom parts of the cart. I have my washi on the left, the back holds my tabs and the front section holds all my packages of stuff, the right has my labels and date stamps. And lastly, in the back I have my Becky Higgins pens.
The bottom left holds my glue dots and the two front slots hold my newest 3x4 and 4x6 cards from my Studio Calico, Citrus Twist and Elle's Kits. The back slot in the middle (with nothing in it) holds my pictures and things I want to use in current layouts and the right holds my favorite stamps. And in the way back I have a bag of girl scout embellies.
The back of the container holds all my hanging cups I also got at Ikea.
The top ones hold my staplers, scissors, tabs and tab punches.
The middle cups hold my label buddy and a tab punch. And the then the others are empty and ready to fill as needed.
I love the new setup. So far it's been great working on my layouts this week. I feel like I got them done so much faster than usual.
For all my other things, I have the clip up organizer. This stays on my desk because it's not portable. But I do love it. I can spin it and quickly find what I need.
So that's my setup.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.
Have a great day!
And check back tomorrow for my Project Life layouts for this week. I'll be linking up with The Mom Creative!


  1. You have some seriously good storage solutions happening! I like the raskog cart and everything you've put in it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this!!:D Thanks for sharing!:D

  3. Really liked how you organized your stuff! :)

  4. That's a great way to organize! I've been trying to find a good solution and this gives me some great ideas! Thanks.

  5. Hello! I'm from Argentina, love your organizer!! I want one for me!
    Saludos para ustedes!

  6. What is the name of those cups!! I tried searching for hanging cups on Ikea and can't find them. Must copy you!!

    1. I found them! They are called Bygel at Ikea. several colors available.

  7. Hi, I was just wondering if you remembered what the storage containers you have on your middle and bottom shelves are called? I'm having difficulty finding them. Plus I think you are super lucky to have all those brilliant BYGEL containers as IKEA are no longer doing them. :(
    Love the cart and how you organised it. It makes it so much easier to craft doesn't? I was forever going backwards and forwards getting the things that I had forgotten too and it just bit into my crafting time which was really frustrating. The trolley really helps to avoid that.
    Thanks x