Monday, August 19, 2013

Photo Dump

Here's what we were up to last week. All these pictures are from my phone.

Duck friends who always greet you at the neighborhood pool.
At the pool
Physical therapy 
Getting our nails done 
Kendyl wanted a French manicure and I let her get one since it's summer and I knew it would be gone after swimming in a few days. She loved it!! 
I know, I know...I said I was DONE with American Girl. But I got talked into it AGAIN!! She got Saige since she will be retired after this year. I'm REALLY done this time! 
We love to ride the train at the mall 
Kendyl got tired fast on her crutches at the mall so we got a double stroller so she could sit while we finished school shopping. Kinda embarrassing and lots of starring, but you do what you gotta do! 
More physical therapy.
Standing on the incline to work her ankle while throwing a ball on the trampoline and catching it.  This was really hard! 
Bending and straightening her leg with the rubber band.
This was a good exercise too. 
LUNGES!! Really hard and really good for her leg. 
Toughest physical therapy session to date. 
Another selfie with her new glasses. 
We booked our trip to Dallas, TX to see a Notre Dame game in October and Kendyl immediately made a packing list. So cute! 
Today we went school shopping with grandma. It's our yearly tradition to go to Rainforest Café for lunch and then school shopping afterwards. 
This is how we roll...
And that was our week.
We have another busy week this week. Last week of summer vacation! Boo!!!
We find out who Kendyl's teacher is this week and have Meet The Teacher too!
And we're finally done school clothes and shoes shopping. I have a few school supplies left to buy and we're ready to start 3rd grade!!
Have a great week!! 

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