Sunday, August 4, 2013


It's been a nice and relaxing weekend with nothing scheduled -- just relaxing, cleaning, doing laundry, going out to dinner and catching up on project life.
On Friday, we stayed home all day (rarity) and I cleaned and did laundry and then we went out to dinner to Chuy's. They opened one up by us about a year ago and we've been there once before. I love taking pictures there because of all the color and kitschy-ness.
SATURDAY!! SATURDAY!! I will forever remember this day because the GREAT NEWS is that Kendyl walked for the first time today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She literally has not been able to walk since she got her cast off. The doctors said she would be off and running and she did NOT take off.  It's been so scary.  I've been up most nights worrying and unable to sleep. Thinking of all the worst case scenarios until I'm practically in tears.
But our prayers have been answered and she is walking. It's not a pretty walk. It's not a normal walk. It's more like a cross between a hop, jump and a limp. But it's a walk!!! She hasn't used her crutches since yesterday! This is such great news for us! I can't wait to go to physical therapy tomorrow and have her walk in!!
We went out to dinner to celebrate with grandma and grandpa.

And she is back in her bed! She hasn't been able to sleep in her own bed since April 3rd!!!! And my child does not like to sleep anywhere but her own bed. You know how most kids would love to sleep with mommy and daddy, not my kid! She loves her own space where it's dark, quiet and peaceful. She woke up this morning and said it was the best sleep of her life! Little Miss Drama Queen.
And tonight is the first football game of the year. How do I know this? Because Matt has been telling me for a week now. And ALL DAY TODAY TOO! This is the time of year we lose him. Kendyl and I do everything by ourselves, without Matt. This is also usually the time of year I contemplate divorce. Just kidding!
Hope you had a great weekend!!


  1. WONDERFUL news! Praying that she continues to improve quickly.