Friday, August 9, 2013

Eye Doctor & More Swimming

Kendyl had her yearly eye doctor appointment today.  Turns out, her vision has gotten worse so she needed a new prescription.

These are the new glasses she picked out. They are from the Geek Chic Collection. I'm not kidding, they are actually called that! In fact, they said they can't keep this glass style in stock. We bought the last pair today. I do actually like the Geek Chic Style, always have!
After the eye doctor, we met some friends at our neighborhood pool. Our first time there this summer. We usually go several times per week during the summer, but since she broke her leg, we haven't made it there until tonight.
We have a play area on one side of the pool. Every kid's dream!!
The top bucket fills with water...
...and dumps every 5 minutes.
After our swim, we had a little picnic by the lake outside the pool. But we don't get too close to the lake because there are signs posted all around the lake that say "Watch for Alligators" and Kendyl is deathly afraid that there are actually alligators in there. We have lived here for 10 years and I've never heard of anyone actually seeing one, but we don't take any chances!!
I'm also working on these cute little gift boxes for our Girl Scouts troop. Next week we are going on a pizza kitchen tour and the girls are going to make their own pizzas.  I got these cute pizza boxes and lollipops at to put their patches in.
Aren't these lollipops so stinkin' cute!!

That was our day!
Hope you had a great day too!!

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