Thursday, August 1, 2013

Busy Busy! What we've been up to this week...

I've been missing this week because it's been a very busy week.
We had my nieces and nephew over this week to swim.


Me and Chloe
And we went to physical therapy 3 times this week.
Rolling a marble to make her move her ankle and balance
Reaching for the ball while using her bad leg for support - this was a great exercise

Matt went out of town one day this week and has been working a lot!
I've been busy working and getting orders out and Kendyl is still getting up every night in pain. HOWEVER, she did not wake up tonight for the first time in a few weeks!! Wahoo!
We also went to volunteer at the school this morning before physical therapy for the Kindergarten Screenings. We (the PTO) were selling school supply kits and school t-shirts. Then we went to lunch with some friends.

And Matt will be going out of town for the next 2 weeks for work. That always mean lots of work and late nights for me.  But lots of "girl time" with my baby!!

Have a great day!!

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