Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Photo Dump

Here's what's been going on in the last few weeks... (if you saw my project life post on Tuesday, you may have seen some of these pictures).

Our inflatable Bubba arrived -- I surprised Matt with this to put in our yard for Texans games.
We opened it and tested it in the house.

I love this thing!

We went to the doctor for a monthly checkup and x-rays for Kendyl's leg and the good news is that it's totally healed. We go back in another month but don't have to have any x-rays. He just wants to see her walking!

We celebrated my niece's 12th birthday!

New backpack and lunchbox for 3rd grade!

Labeling all her school supplies before Meet The Teacher

Last official day of summer! Took Kendyl and her BFF to Sweet N Sassy for make-overs.

My niece, Chloe, was baptized. Matt and I are the godparents.

First day of 3rd grade!!!

When Kendyl started kindergarten, I told her when she got home I would have a surprise for her. I had a "Kindergarten Rocks Party" for her and ever since then she can't wait for her party on the first day of school. 

Went to yoga after I dropped Kendyl off on the first day of school. I haven't been to the studio since she broke her leg. I've been there every day this week. Wahoo!!

Kendyl wanted toast for breakfast on the first day of school and I COULD.NOT.FIND the butter in the fridge. We looked over and over. I called Matt at work, yelling at him because he hid the butter from us and he said he hadn't used it a week. She ended up having something else. When I went to put my fit meal in the microwave at lunchtime, look what I found!! Looks like I put it there -- sorrrrrry Matt for blaming you!

Waiting in the carpool line on the first day of school. I haven't been here since April, since Kendyl broke her leg.

Miley came too.
Miley looking for Kendyl when she heard the kids coming out of school.
First homework for 3rd grade. Working on math families. 

THIS IS SO COOL!! I saw this on You can use Downy Unstopables in your Scentsy warmer (I LOVE Scentsy)!!! My whole house smells downy fresh!!
That's what we've been up to.
Hope you have a great week!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #23

Welcome to Project Life Post #23!!

This post is through August 19, 2013.

Just a reminder, I do Project Life like I would do a regular scrapbook: chronologically and I do one whole page or two pages of the same theme/occasion, but many times my pages have random pictures too. I still do Project Life weekly (really I will work on my albums almost every day) but I have several pages per week instead of a 2-page spread per week.

Here we go...
Full Layout
Left Side: American Girl and School Shopping at the Mall
Right Side: Getting ready for 3rd Grade
Left Side Close Up
Kendyl got tired walking at the mall so I was forced to get this germ monster so she could sit down.
Riding the train at the mall
Right Side Close Up with Insert
Back of Insert
Right Side without Insert
I love that I can include who is popular at this time in Kendyl's life, i.e. One Direction. She always asks who I liked when I was young -- I wish I could show her pictures of my obsession with Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb, Duran Duran, George Michael and Culture Club! haha
Full Layout
Left Side: Random Pictures
Right Side: Insert
Left Side Close Up
Girl Scout Service Project Patch
Picking up Kendyl's new glasses
Rainforest Café on left, picking up glasses on right
Insert of picking up glasses
Back of Insert
(I have to reprint this picture because it didn't print the bottom)
Right Side Close Up WITH Insert
Matt at Texans Game
Right Side Insert
I surprised Matt with an inflatable Houston Texan Linebacker Bubba to put in the yard for games.
Football is in full swing here in the Levan household!
Right Side WITHOUT Insert
Houston Texans Game
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