Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What A Day!!

Today was quite a day.

We started off the day with this:

Alex lost his head!
Not good, Kendyl burst into tears when she saw this. It was not a pretty sight.
We don't know what happened, we woke up and this is how we found him. It's a mystery. And Kendyl just got him on Sunday. You can read about it here
Since we went to our orthopedic doctor on Friday, something has not been sitting right with me.  When we went last Friday, we found out that there had not been much healing in the previous 3 weeks. The doctor took off the cast and put Kendyl in a boot. A boot that was MUCH TOO BIG for her and told us to come back in 3 weeks. Like I said, nothing sat right with me after that visit.
SO, I decided to get a second opinion. I got an appointment with another orthopedic surgeon at a well-known bone and joint clinic that people come to from out-of-state to see their specialists.
We went today to the new doctor.
 Waiting to see the new doctor
More x-rays - uggg!!
After seeing the doctor, let's just say I am filled with a mix of emotions. I am sick to my stomach, broken hearted and HAPPY all at the same time. I know, weird, huh.
Let me explain.
As I told the new doctor that Kendyl broke her leg on April 3rd, had a soft cast for 3 weeks and could not go to school during that time, then had a cast up to her thigh for 9 weeks and in a wheelchair, then in a half cast for 5 weeks, then a boot put on last Friday and were told to come back in 3 weeks, he waved me off and said he couldn't bear to hear any more. He then proceeded to tell me that if we went to see him first, he would have immediately put her in a walking half cast with crutches (never a wheelchair) and after looking at her x-rays (I brought all her medical records and x-rays with us), that she had healed after 6-8 weeks. He said she should be running by now. This was when I burst into tears. 
So, he told us no more boot, to start walking on it and within 2 weeks she should be totally off the crutches and walking by herself!!  Wahoo! Great news!!
Making brownies tonight and standing without the crutches!!


Kendyl's new "thing" is baking. She made the brownies from scratch!
I'm so excited that we went to the new doctor. I'm still a little nervous about this whole doctor situation but we're going with the new diagnosis and I couldn't be happier!
Have a great day!

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