Thursday, July 18, 2013

Aqua Therapy

So far, today, it's been hard getting Kendyl to start walking on her leg. She's scared to put any pressure on it which is exactly what she needs to be doing to build the muscle back up in her leg. She has severe muscle atrophy because she has been immobilized for so long.

The doctor said she should be off the crutches and walking all on her own within 2 weeks so I'm giving her few days to build up some confidence.  If we're not getting anywhere by the end of next week, my plan is to go to physical therapy to get her started.
And if know my child, and I do, this is not going to be easy.
So after many attempts to get her comfortable to take a few steps and without any success, I decided we would do aqua therapy. She's a little fish in the water so at least she can start building some muscle while swimming.
So I had her swimming, diving for rings and doing laps in the pool for 2 hours today.
You have no idea how happy this makes my heart seeing her without a cast!!
Diving for dive sticks to get her to kick her legs to swim to the bottom of the pool.
This is one happy girl!
Great workout!!
Much deserved treat for a great workout!
It was such a beautiful day today
We'll be doing this everyday to get those muscles stimulated!
Wish us luck!!

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