Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump

Kendyl got her new half castLIME GREEN!!
We went to get some yogurt to celebrate the new cast
My niece graduated this weekend 
We had thunderstorms this weekend so that means we have to pull out the thundershirt.
Miley shakes like a leaf when it thunders. The
thundershirt really works.
Kendyl messing with Miley
The restaurant was sooooo cold!
 Miley LOVES her pink ball! She chases it EVERY NIGHT around the house for hours (no exaggeration). She'll roll it to me to throw it and continue chasing it.
This is what I found this morning! :(
This pink ball has been around for years!
But, we have a back up.
I'm thinking about buying these for the backyard????
Kendyl and I stopped at Archivers and spent way too much money, as usual! :)

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