Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Bucket List - Bowling

Last year we made a Summer List of Things to Do and had so much fun doing things on our list and checking them off.
This year, I thought we would make a Summer Bucket List and every time we do something on our list, we put the clothespin in the bucket! How fun is that!!

Here are some other ones that didn't fit on the bucket.
Here is our Summer Bucket List:
  1. Silly String Party
  2. Pool Party
  3. Manis and Pedis
  4. Go on a Picnic
  5. Blueberry Picking
  6. Bowling
  7. Sweet N Sassy
  8. Go to Archivers
  9. Go to Museum of Natural Science
  10. Have a Game Night
  11. Make Ice Cream
  12. Go to Movies
  13. Have a Sleepover
  14. Build A Bear
  15. Chuck E Cheese
  16. Read 20 Books
  17. Have Donuts for Breakfast
  18. Go to Seaworld
  19. Go to a Baseball Game
  20. Paint Ceramics
  21. Go to Sprinkler Park
  22. Go to the Beach
  23. Go to the Library
  24. Make Snocones
  25. Water Balloon Fight
  26. Make Smores
  27. Go to the Pool
  28. Ice Cream Truck
  29. Go to a Drive In Movie
  30. Go to Jellystone Park
  31. Go to Starbucks
  32. Go to Main Event
  33. Go to the Blue Bell Creamery
  34. Go to the Blue Bell Aquatic Center
  35. Lunch at American Girl
  36. Play Putt Putt
  37. Go to Tilt Studio
  38. Go to Kemah
  39. Make a Fort
  40. Take a Stamping/Craft Class at Archivers
  41. Volunteer at Lunches of Love
  42. Make Miley Homemade Dog Treats
Of course, I don't know if we will be able to do everything because Kendyl has a broken leg and is in a wheelchair. But we're going to make a good effort and try to pack as much as we can into July and August.
I didn't think we would be able to bowl until July or August, but we did it today on our first day of summer!! One item checked off our list!!

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