Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List - Manis & Pedis

Kendyl and I went to get manis and pedis today. Another item checked off our Summer Bucket List!
I also got a massage because my shoulder was killing me! I did the hot rocks and it felt so good on my shoulder. I could have stayed there all day.

Kendyl got leopard print on lime green to match her cast.
And Kendyl talked me into getting a color and doing my ring finger in another color. I ALWAYS get a french manicure. I don't even remember the last time I had color on my nails. Maybe high school or college???? And I totally feel like I'm a teenager with my ring finger a different color! haha! But it's summer, why not! I think I kinda like it too!
Also got my hair trimmed. I had a hair appointment last Friday but I scheduled Kendyl's doctors appointment for the same day and I was afraid I would be late so I had to reschedule my hair for July. But I couldn't wait that long for it to be cut so I went today to another place for a trim. I'm still keeping my appointment for my color, I'm going for the umbre coloring. Scary, but again, it's summer, why not! And the trend is on it's way out so I figured I better do it fast!
AND I can't wait for Big Brother (dvr'd)! It's my all time favorite show. So excited that it's starting early this summer.
That's about it for today.
Hope everyone has a great day!!

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