Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Happenings

We went to the doctor yesterday and Kendyl will have her cast for 3 more weeks. Not the news I wanted to hear. BUT, it is healing nicely, just slowly. And that's all normal because she broke her tibia, which is a big bone, and it's about a six inch twisted break. So, we are just thankful that she didn't have to have surgery and having the cast for 3 more weeks ensures she won't break it again because if that happened, she would definitely have to have surgery. I'm just so OVER the broken leg!!
Today was an errand day. We had to buy birthday gifts and decorations for Matt's birthday party this weekend - so excited for that! Can't wait for Saturday!
We also went to our favorite bakery today and got some sweet treats.
Kendyl and I got these cute summer cookies, watermelon for Kendyl, beach ball for me. Matt got a peanut butter cookie.
I was taking pictures and Kendyl thought I was done and when I looked down to take another picture, she had already taken hers to eat. She thought it was funny!
They have the best cupcakes.
Isn't this one cute!
These are the cute summer cookies.
We also went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some birthday party decorations. And I found this.
But I didn't buy it because I have no need for a wedding kit.
Now, it's cleaning night. Cleaning the house and doing laundry. FUN FUN!
Tomorrow, we are going to see Monsters University. Kendyl can't wait to see it.
Have a great weekend!

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