Friday, June 14, 2013

Road Trip

Kendyl and I went to Kemah today to visit my mom. It's about an hour and 15 minute drive if you take the toll road. But we always take the "long 2 hour way" so we can go through Alvin, Texas to go to my favorite market, Froberg Farms. They have homegrown fruits and vegetables and strawberry picking.

We love to go strawberry picking there but the season is over now so we didn't do that today.

They also have a place called Greak's Smokehouse which has the BEST smoked meats and fresh cheeses. It's a bit pricey but so worth it. I always get the smoked turkey jerky and we also got some smoked jalapeno cheese sausage. Kendyl loves it. I'm not a sausage person, personally sausage gives me a headache. I know, I know - how is that possible?  Well, my dad, being 100% German, loved sauerkraut and sausage and we had it all the time for dinner growing up. I always told them it gave me a headache. They never believed me. So I just never ate it. Then, low and behold, one day while I was in college, my mom called me and said she read an article in National Geographic (of all things) that sausage gives some people headaches!!! Finally, they believed me!! Something about the nitrates or phosphates or something. Crazy, huh? But, I digress...

Anyways, back to Froberg Farms. Lots of fresh veges and fruits and at great prices. I spend about $20-$25 at Froberg and about $60-$80 at the grocery store for the same items. But I get more at Froberg and share half of most things with my mom. When I grocery shop, the majority of what we buy are fruits and veges - I try to stay away from boxed and canned items. And I get all my meats which are organic & grain fed at Sprouts.  And I only get fish and shrimp at HEB that is wild caught.

Take a look at Froberg...
Score! Only $23.60!!!
Looks like stuffed bell peppers, stuffed cabbage (my favorite meal ever), smashed red potatoes and tomato/cucumber salads this week for dinner!
When we go to Kemah, we usually go to the Kemah Boardwalk but it was way too hot today and I didn't want to deal with the wheelchair. So, we'll go back after the cast is off and do that. 
We also have a boat in Kemah at South Shore Harbour Marina. The marina has an awesome tropical pool with a swim up bar and waterfall and it's attached to a hotel (which we can enjoy all the ammenities since we are members at the marina) so you can order food and eat it right there too. But, again, I didn't feel like dealing with the heat and the wheelchair so that was out today too.
This is the pool - so fun!

As soon as I got to my mom's house, I started to feel bad. My stomach was feeling awful! I ended up sleeping ALL DAY!! I never do that! But I have to say, that was the best sleep I have had in 10 weeks since Kendyl broke her leg.  It was great!!
Kendyl and my mom played all day. They wrote a book, painted, stamped. And after I woke up at 6:00 p.m. (!!!!!!!!), I read my book. What a relaxing day.

So that was our Thursday. We have Kemah on our Summer Bucket List but since we didn't go to the boardwalk or the boat, we didn't cross that one off our list yet.
Hope everyone had a great day!

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