Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #12

This post finishes up with May and starts June 2013.
I do Project Life like I would do a regular scrapbook: chronologically and I do one whole page or two pages of the same theme/occasion, but many times my pages have random pictures too. I still do Project Life weekly (really I will work on my albums almost every day) but I have several pages per week instead of a 2-page spread per week.
Here we go...

Full Layout
Left Side: 2nd Grade Picnic and Lunch /Accelerated Reading Party
Right Side: Random Pictures
Left Side
They had an AR (Accelerated Reading) Party and Picnic at school for the kids who met their reading goal for the school year. They had lunch at the park across the street from the school and then we all went back to the school for snocones and bounce houses.
I added a flip up pocket with some more pictures from the AR Party

Right Side - Random Pictures
Top Row: Matt did a presentation for the 5th Grade Career Day at Kendyl's school
Middle Row: Matt did the Impact A Hero 5K which he does every year
Bottom Row: We had another doctors appointment where we thought we were getting the cast off, but had to keep it on for another week

Full Layout
Left Side: Kendyl's Piano Recital
Right Side: 2nd Grade Awards Ceremony
Left Side
Kendyl's piano recital. I was a little worried about the recital because she only had 2 piano lessons from the time she broke her leg to the actual recital. But she did great - no fear and no mistakes!
Right Side
Kendyl's 2nd Grade Awards Ceremony. She had a great 2nd grade year. This year was the first year for actual number grades. In kinder and 1st grade, they only got E's, S's, N's and U's. And Kendyl got Straight A Honor Roll all year long! All A's, all year!! Wahoo! She also had the highest average in Reading in her class. And she got a Texas Reader's Club award with 2 gold seals for reading 20 books and writing book reports on each one. And she got a few other awards too.
Another flip up pocket with some more pictures from the awards ceremony.
Left side of next layout
Random pictures from the awards ceremony and afterwards at our house with family.
School work insert -- this is one of my favorites from the entire year. It's a book all about being 8 years old. It is so darling and I will cherish this one always!!
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P.S. If you have been following my Project Life pages, then you know that Kendyl fell off her bike and broke her leg and was in a splint for 3 weeks and then the purple cast up to her thigh for 6 weeks. 9 WEEKS SO FAR!! A LONG 9 weeks. But she FINALLY got her half cast. Wahoo! Here is a sneak peak of what you will see in next weeks Project Life post.
She will have the lime green cast for 4 weeks (but maybe only for 2 weeks and a boot for 2 weeks, we will go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to find out) and then physical therapy for her ankle. We are doing physical therapy for her knee at home right now -- bending it and doing leg lifts. She has been in pain for the last few days but today was a good day with no pain! And we can start using crutches this week too at home. But she will still have to use the wheelchair when we go places because she can't put any pressure on her leg.


  1. I love how bright your spreads are! Very happy colors and photos!

  2. I love how colorful your layouts are! They look fantastic.
    Sounds like you are raising a really amazing young lady. Congrats!