Saturday, June 8, 2013


You will not be missed!!

Little Miss Drama Queen got her purple cast off!!

And got a half cast put on. LIME GREEN!!

You need sunglasses to look at it!

I voted for hot pink but my vote didn't matter. She's had lime green picked out for the last week. I've been trying to change her mind but it didn't work. haha
Hopefully we only have this cast for 2 weeks and then a boot.
She can start using crutches next week!! So excited about that too!
And we're doing physical therapy for the knee at home -- doing knee bends and leg lifts. Today was painful for her but I'm sure she'll be bending that knee in no time.
We also bought a thing to put over her cast that suctions to her leg and water is not supposed to get the cast wet so she can go in the pool and take a bath. I'm a little scared it won't work but we're going to try it after the weekend. The doctor said that he hasn't heard of it not working, but if her cast did get wet then we have to come in and get a new cast. So, so we don't have to call the doctor into the office during the weekend (and to calm my husband down about how much THAT WOULD COST US), we're going to wait until Monday. :)
We went and celebrated with some yogurt! Well, my cup has rock candy in it because I don't like ice cream or yogurt.
Have a great day!!

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