Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lazy Days & Summer Bucket List

We started off the day being very lazy.
Actually, this was my best friend today
Still having pain in my shoulder.
And continued nursing my shoulder through The Talk, my favorite show.
Then we went to the library to return books (they were due today so that MADE me get up and out of the house).
Kendyl also completed the Summer Reading Program through our local library by reading 20 books so she wanted to pick up her trophy.

We crossed 2 more items off our Summer Bucket List - going to the library and reading 20 books.
We also went grocery shopping, cleaned the refrigerator and did some laundry (I tend to have to do a load of towels and bathing suits every day during the summer). So, it ended up being a pretty productive day after a slow start.
Lot of things to do this week so I'm hoping my shoulder stops hurting because I have NO TIME for this! haha
Have great day!!

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