Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Girl Scouts

We had our June Girl Scout meeting this evening. As always, lots of fun for the girls.

Our theme was based on our service project which will be to donate boxes of cereal to Lunch of Love. Lunches of Love is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping end childhood hunger in the Richmond-Rosenberg area by providing a free nutritious sack lunch to kids in need. It's an amazing organization!

Our troop is also sponsoring 3 children which means we will be able to feed 3 children for the entire summer! The girls are donating a portion of their cookie sale money to do this. So cool!

So, at todays meeting, while the parents had a meeting, the girls made cereal crafts.

Kendyl made a snake and a heart...
...they made necklaces, bracelets and support cereal ribbons
And they love being silly!
I also made these for them as a snack. Please don't laugh!! They're rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate and fruity pepples.
In other news...
1 more day of school!!
2 more days until a half cast!!

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