Monday, June 3, 2013

2nd Grade Awards Ceremony

Today was Kendyl's 2nd Grade Awards Ceremony.  The grandmas came and Chloe came too. Kendyl was so excited to show off her cousin, Chloe, to all her friends and classmates.
So so so proud of Kendyl and all the awards she got. She worked so hard all year long and extra hard when she had to miss school when she broke her leg. I couldn't be more proud!!
She got an award for the Texas Readers Club, 2 gold seals (you get a gold seal for every 10 books you read and write a book report on).
An award for Accelerated Reading
An award for the highest average in the class for Reading
And the most prestigious award is All A Honor Roll all Year!!!
I am the Room Mom for Kendyl's class and the entire class got together and got her teacher a fun gift. I did a summer/beach bag theme and put a towel, magazine, suntan lotion, after sun lotion and a super cute t-shirt in a canvas beach bag.  We also included a few gift cards for her.
Super cute shirt that says boy moms rock because she has 2 boys.
Kendyl and her teacher (we're going to miss her terribly!!)
Kendyl and her BFF
My mom and Chloe
Uncle Matt and Chloe
Grandma and Kendyl
Miley wondering what that is in the car seat
I'm not really sure what the story is about these brownies my mom made??????
After the awards ceremony, we came to our house and had some brownies. Then we went to eat at Las Mananitas. We had a great day! It seems like it should be the last day of school, but we still have to go until Thursday!!!  I have senioritis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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