Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump

Hello New Movie Theatre!
They have been building the Santikos Palladium for over a year!
 It's literally right around the corner from our house.
The inside is huge!
They only have ticket kiosks - no human beings to buy tickets from. Weird!
The wall of ticket kiosks
An entire ROOM full of coke machines where you can make your own drink
A huge game room
They have bowling, an IMAX theatre, Starbucks, gelato bar, restaurants. We didn't actually see a movie today. They had a social media event today so you could come tour the facilities and had giveaways. We won a free drink and popcorn. I want to see Iron Man 3 but no one else in my family wanted to. I love all the Iron Man movies but seem to be the only one.
We had lunch at Ginghas Grill. Love that place!
And here is why!
I can't resist mousse! But I don't like ice cream so there's never a fight over that.
Went to the library because we are in desperate need of new books to read at night.
I love Janet Evanovich! Although I prefer reading on my Kindle now. I really don't like reading actual books anymore! Sad, huh?
Kendyl loves to do the self check-out and put the due date stickers on the books.
Listening to books in the car.
We went to another Skeeters baseball game.
They have 2 mascots, Swatson and Moe. At the last game we went to, Swatson signed Kendyl's cast. Today she got Moe to sign her cast.
It was First Responders Night honoring the military, police, and firemen, to name a few. It was sponsered by Impact A Hero -- Matt did the Impact A Hero 5K Saturday morning.
I love night games!
They added a cover to our neighborhood playground. This is going to be so nice because the metal is so hot during the summer that you can't even touch it.
We have been wanting to try Smashburger for a long time. They opened one up by our house a few months ago. My mom came over and we decided to take her there for a belated Mother's Day lunch.

There was a 40 minute wait when we got there. Apparently, some people didn't show up for work today and they were short handed.

Happy Belated Mother's Day, mom!

It was pretty crazy there. At one point, a worker came out of the kitchen and asked the whole restaurant if anyone had any bayer aspirin. None of the customer's were getting the food they ordered. There was water all over the floor and people were slipping and complaining. It was an interesting first visit to Smashburger.
We offered the worker advil, which was all I had, and he said it wouldn't work and needed bayer because his arm was getting tingly. I won't lie, I was little worried. All of sudden, the family who was sitting at the table in front of us and who left earlier, came back in with a bottle of bayer aspirin for him. That was so sweet of them to go buy him some. There are some good, caring people in this world. I had to fight back tears -- I'm a wimp like that in these kinds of circumstances.

But the food was pretty good and we all decided we would come back again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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