Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Time Out

I went to volunteer at the school today. Once per month, the PTO does a Teacher Time Out where we watch the kids during recess and lunch while the teachers go out to lunch as a group. They never get to do that so it's a nice treat for them. And this was the last Teacher Time Out of the year.  I can't believe the school year is almost over!
Kendyl has not been able to go to recess, per doctor's orders, but we bent the rules today. I was there to make sure none of the kids tried to wheel her around. It was such a beautiful day.
Then she had lunch with all her friends. She has to sit at a table off to the side because her wheelchair doesn't fit under the lunch tables.
Her friends wanted to sit with her...
...then more friends wanted to lunch with her too (they were all fighting to sit next to her). Sweet!
With all her besties -- and they all happen to be in Girl Scouts together
Makes my heart happy to see her with all her friends. Too cute!

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