Sunday, May 5, 2013


On Saturday we went to my inlaws to help with the kitchen redo. Matt and his muscles went over there early to help with the cabinets and painting.

Kendyl and I woke up late and casually got ready and finally got out the door at about 2pm! It was so nice not having to rush. We had lunch at Lubys and spent the rest of the day and evening at the inlaws. Kendyl played with her cousins and I watched my sweet baby niece, Chloe, while everyone else worked. I just supervised. haha

Kendyl and Chloe

Kendyl, Chloe & Alyssa 



Poor Fred had surgery and won't stop itching the stitches

Grandma (mother-in-law) and Chloe

And I found this in my inlaw's garage. I remember these days.
Bummer that the Rockets lost last night.
Now for the kitchen...

Here's the picture I posted yesterday of the kitchen gutted.
Here's the progress from today...

My sister-in-law and Matt

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law


We had a fun day!

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