Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #8

This Project Life post continues with April 2013.
 I left off last post with the left side, so here is the Right Side.
Right Side: Random pictures.
My favorite picture-Kendyl grabbed my hand while we were watching tv and I happened to have my ipad there and took a picture-PRICELESS! Pictures of Miley, we got a handicap permit so we could easily unload and load the car with the wheelchair, and bottom right picture is how we roll in the car-with Kendyl's leg on the console and Miley in the front seat.
My favorite picture

Close up of going to school to do work after school is out so she doesn't get too far behind.

Full Layout
Left Side: Rainforest Cafe
Right Side: Circus

Left Side Close Up: Rainforest Cafe

Right Side Close Up: Circus

Full Layout
Left Side: Getting our nails done and pink eye
Right Side: Getting the cast!

Left Side Close Up


Right Side Close Up
Kendyl finally got her cast on!! She picked purple!

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  1. Poor baby, pink eye on top of the hurt leg!

  2. Great layouts. You sweet girl is such a good sport having pink eye and her leg. LOVE her purple cast.

  3. Love the fonts you've used for your journaling and hope your little girl heals soon. I love outings with just me and my "big girl" who's all of 3.5 ;)