Friday, May 24, 2013

Party Planning

We've been planning Matt's birthday party for a few months now and can't wait for the party! His birthday isn't until July so we have a while to wait.  Here's what I have done so far.

We rented a skybox room at Constellation Field - so we'll be watching a baseball game from the skybox with our friends. Doesn't that sound like so much fun!!??

We had his invites created by my friend, Kim - you can find her here!/pages/Kim-Rongley-Images-and-More/156695837728639?fref=ts. She makes the BEST invitations, labels, signs -- anything you need for a party.

Here's Matt's invite (I did white out some info, so it looks like there is a lot of white space, but there really isn't)
Here's the cake I ordered
And, today, we got the book of tickets to give out to our guests.
A whole book of tickets - so excited!!
We also planned the menu, but I can't remember what we picked now because we did it a while ago. But it's a bunch of sport food.
I still need to get decorations and party favors. That's the fun part. He doesn't want decorations because he thinks it's silly but, too bad, we're having decorations! :)
Since we got the tickets today, I had to share. Of course, more pictures to come when we have the party!

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