Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

We didn't really have any big plans for Memorial Day. We usually invite people over to our house for swimming and a BBQ but our plans were foiled due to the broken leg. So we just stayed home and had a quiet day to ourselves, which rarely happens, so it was nice.
One of the local Boy Scouts group has a Flag Fund Raiser where they place flags in your yard on flag holidays throughout the year. We support them every year and I love to see my flag flying in front of our house. It magically appears and disappears on each flag day. DISCLAIMER: Excuse the brown patch in the corner of the grass, apparently there was a fertilizer mishap. And excuse our lopsided tree (that drives me crazy) - that's thanks to Hurricane Ike.

I decided to put all the pool stuff out for the summer.  I've had all our cushions, umbrellas and decorations in the shed for safe keeping against the weather. I had to get all new cushions for the bar stools and the patio furniture because the sun just destroys them throughout the year. I bought them back in January so I've been waiting waiting waiting to put them out. Once they're out, they will stay out until winter because we're outside pretty much every day during the summer and fall.
We FINALLY were able to go in our pool this year! Our pool isn't heated so it's been so cold up until now.
Miley loves to swim! All you have to say is "swim" and grab a towel and she literally jumps 4 feet into the pool. It's so funny and it never gets old to watch!
She took the maiden voyage in the pool for 2013.
She can swim for hours!
Lap after lap
Kendyl sat on the side of the pool and played in the water
She had so much fun!
I took a quick dip too. Kendyl suggested it so I did! I wasn't planning on it because I didn't think it was fair if she couldn't go in but she wanted us to dive for swim toys. Of course, I couldn't refuse her.

And we did a little grilling.
I also made these and some grilled zucchini. They came out so good!
Oh, I also fell this weekend. That was embarrassing. I was walking out of the store with bags in my hand and saw my dream car drive by so I was looking at it and my ankle rolled and down I went! I landed on my knee and my arm, my bags and purse flew in the street. The reason I share this story is because my hand hurt so bad from falling and I'm lucky I didn't break my arm. Can you imagine - Kendyl with a broken leg and me with a broken arm. That would have been a sight! Talk about a fun summer! This isn't the first time I've fallen. I did it not too long ago too (carrying a jar of pickles, no less) and this time I landed on the same knee and scraped the scar I had from my last fall. Sweet!  And lastly, I have to mention the GIANT scar I have on the same knee from when I fell when I was in college. Anyhoo, I'm a klutz. Matt's a klutz and there's no hope for Kendyl, I'm afraid.
By the way, I'm fine, just a little scrape and a limp.

Have a great day!

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