Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lunch with Principals & Yearbook Signing Party

Yesterday was a fun day! The end of school is nearing and we have so many fun activities going on at school.
At our school carnival each year, we have a silent auction that each grade level teachers and the principals donate something towards.
In kindergarten, we won the auction for a Princess Party with all the kindergarten teachers. Kendyl got to invite 4 friends to go to the party. The girls had so much fun! 
Here's some pictures from the kindergarten princess party.

Look at her pinkies!
In first grade, they had a pizza and movie party with all the first grade teachers. The price of the auction was getting so high because a lot of people wanted it so a few of us got together and won it for the girls. Again, they had a great time! I didn't take pictures - boo!
This year, for second grade, it was a party at the park with all the second grade teachers. We didn't bid on it because of Kendyl's broken leg and being in a wheelchair so we knew we couldn't do it. One of her friends won it and invited Kendyl but we had to decline.
The principals do a "Lunch with the Principals" and we got to go to that today. Her friend won it and got to pick 3 friends to go. Kendyl had a great time! She was so excited all week and couldn't wait to go.
At school, about to go to lunch
At lunch with the principals
On the way back to school
We also had a Yearbook Signing Party at school in the evening. Every year, you can pick up your yearbook and have everyone sign it. It's a lot of fun for all the kids in the entire school.
PTO Ladies handing out the yearbooks
And, a perfect way to end the day. Look what I got in the mail today!
I've been wanting one of these forever and could not find one. Someone posted it on the Project Lifers Facebook page and I bought it! LOVE.IT!! It's perfect!! You can get one here

Hope you had a great day too!

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