Sunday, May 26, 2013

Enchanted Gardens

Once again, I am so happy it's the weekend! And I'm even happier that it's a 3 day weekend! Wahoo!

I'm happy that on Friday, Kendyl will get her cast off and a boot put on (fingers crossed). And I'm HAPPY.HAPPY.HAPPY that there are only 7 1/2 days of school left and then summer vacation begins!!

However, I'm not so happy that I have a cold (caught it from Kendyl) and I have a sore throat and my eyes itch and I keep sneezing and feel like general poop. But I'm not letting it slow my weekend down.

I had this gift card that was about to expire so I went to the nursery to get some herbs and tomato plants.

Enchanted Gardens is my absolute favorite nursery. The blue house in the background is a gift shop with the cutest things.

They have every plant imaginable.

I could walk around here for hours.

But today I was on a mission to get what I needed.
Not to mention, I was with Matt and he was rushing me (note to self: leave him at home next time).
I used to have a nice, big garden but when we built the pool, it had to go. I've tried my hand at container gardening, but have had NO luck. This year, I am determined to make it work. I'm starting small and planting basil with my tomato plant. It's supposed to keep the bugs/aphids away. I've heard that's a myth but I'm going for it anyways.

We already have one little guy growing. Let's hope the birds don't get it.

 Wish me luck!

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