Thursday, May 30, 2013

2nd Grade Picnic

They had an AR (Accelerated Reading) Party and Picnic at school for the kids who met their reading goal for the school year.

We started with a lunch picnic across the street from the school at the neighborhood park. You should have seen me trying to get a wheelchair across the playground and then across the street to the park. The ground was mushy (not muddy, thankfully) so that was my first obstacle. Then, when we finally got to the street, I then had to get across it. The problem: curbs. Kendyl is deathly afraid of going over bumps in the wheelchair or pulling the wheelchair down on two wheels to go up and over things, i.e. door thresholds, CURBS, etc.
Now, let me also mention here that I am still sick and have NO energy. Kendyl also couldn't sleep the night before because her cast itched and we were up until 4:30am -- so we slept for about 2 hours. And let's not forget about my fall the day before that left me walking with a limp. 
So, I could have walked about 1/2 a block to the corner of the street to go down the ramp and walk 1/2 block back up the street to the park but I had no desire to do that. Luckily, a teacher was walking by and she rolled the wheelchair across the street and I carried Kendyl. So, basically, I was pooped 10 minutes into the 2 hour party! Good times!
But it was lots of fun and I'm glad we went. There was a point when we didn't think we would be able to go because of being in a wheelchair but I talked Kendyl into it because she has worked so hard all year to meet her reading goal.
We ate lunch at the park...
...and then we went back to the school for snow cones.
So, much like the laws of physics, what goes up must come back down. And what goes across the street through a mushy field and over curbs, must come back! This time, I told Kendyl we were curb hopping in the wheelchair! I promised her I wouldn't drop her and although she was skeptical, she agreed. We made it back in one piece and no mishaps. Hurray! Chalk this one up as another wheelchair success story! The smile on her face is proof!
Have I mentioned yet that I.CAN'T.WAIT.UNTIL.FRIDAY!!?? When we go back to the doctor and hopefully get that cast off and a boot put on!!  Leave a comment - say a prayer for us for a good doctor visit!  :)

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