Friday, April 5, 2013

What a day...

Yesterday was a stressful day, to say the least! We went to the orthopedic surgeon and Kendyl had a splint put on up to the top of her thigh. It is HUGE!! And it's so heavy, she can't lift her leg and it takes 2 people to carry her everywhere she needs to go, one to hold the leg, the other to hold her. She has to have the splint for 2 weeks, then a cast for 6-8 weeks, then physical therapy. It's going to be a tough 3 months on the road to recovery! My heart is breaking into a million pieces.
She'll have to be in a wheelchair for most of that 3 months. Not going to be fun at all!
Today is Kendyl's school carnival and we are going to attempt to go. She's been so sad and upset and bummed out because all she can do is sit (and this child NEVER sits) so maybe it will be a good thing. We shall see...

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