Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Happenings and Photo Dump

We went to Kendyl's school carnival on Friday and that proved to be quite an experience. We might have bitten off more than we could chew on that one! With Kendyl being in a wheelchair, we were bombarded every 5 minutes with questions and I must have told the story 50 times, no exaggeration.

Since we were stopped every step of the way, by the time we got to all the games and fun stuff, everything was sold out or over (cake walk, silly string, confetti eggs, yogurt) that that put her in a horrible mood and the tears commenced.

She ended up crying again after she heard me say that she would be in the wheelchair until the end of school (and actually longer) and the evening went downhill after that so we had to go home. She never wants to leave the house again but at least we tried to venture out and at least she was excited all day to go. She's been so sad so the excitement all day of going to the carnvial was good for her.

Here are the few pictures I snapped...
Up-dos and tattoos
We also got one of these on Friday... 
She's been doing a lot of reading (she loves all the fairy books by Daisy Meadows)... 
And her teacher came to see her on Saturday and brought her cookies 'n cream ice cream so that put a smile on her face!  We love her sweet teacher!  She is the BEST!!  I wish I would have thought to take a picture!  Uggggg
Her BFF came over to give her a note that her entire class made for her and signed. It was so sweet!
And another one her friends also came over and gave her a bag full of goodies!
Her BFF is coming over with pizza on Sunday just to sit and play with her and keep her company.
We are so lucky to have the greatest friends!!

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