Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Well, this is what's going on today. Thunderstorms = Thundershirt. Miley is terrified of the thunder, beeps from the computer or iphones and fire alarm beeps when the battery needs to be changed. The poor thing shakes like a leaf until I put her thundershirt on. It really does work. So if your sweetie has the same problem, you can get one here.
In dance this week, recital practice is going strong. It's the cutest dance, I love it!  Here's how that's going.
All these pictures were taken with my iphone so they are a little blurry but pretty good considering all the movement. And I'm taking them through the glass too - with no flash.
Happy Wednesday! Going for a bike ride and then we're off to our school spirit night at a local restaurant so no cooking for me tonight!  Wahoo!

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