Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sweet Freedom!

We got out of the house yesterday, finally!! With the exception of a doctors appointment and getting yogurt yesterday, we've been home bound forever it seems like! I was so ready to go do something fun.
The doctor said to get Kendyl out of the house, it would be good for her mentally since she is so upset about not being able to do anything on her own. She hasn't wanted to leave the house so I finally talked her into going to American Girl at the mall.
We all went to have lunch at American Girl and it was delish! They really have great food there. We also got Cara, her American Girl doll, a wheelchair. We already had a cast for Cara that we got last year when Kendyl broke her arm when she fell off the monkey bars after cheer practice (she was hot and sweaty and slipped right off).  Poor girl comes from a long line of klutzes.
After spending way too much money at American Girl, and realizing I forgot the memory card for my camera so I made Matt run to Target on the other side of the mall to buy me one, we went to Build-A-Bear and she got a cute little bear she named Rainbow and a cast and crutches for him too.
Of course we couldn't leave the mall without going to my favorite store (*being sarcastic here, folks*), Justice.  We had to pick up MORE One Direction paraphernalia and 1D stickers for her sticker book.  The only good thing about that visit to Justice was that I was able to pick up a birthday present for her friend's birthday that we missed because of her broken leg. So thank you Justice for allowing me to check off an item from my TO DO list.
Here's some pics from our day.
Photo credit goes to Kendyl on this one.
Today is our 11 year anniversary so we are going to attempt to go out to dinner tonight!!

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