Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #2

One reason I recently started this blog was to post my project life pages. I don't do project life weekly, I actually use every picture I take and put it in my albums. I try to do one whole page or two pages of the same theme/occassion but many times my pages have random pictures too. I am caught up with 2013 and I have all of 2011 and 2012 done. I am currently also working on 2010 at the same time as keeping up with 2013. I'm up to about August of 2010. I plan on putting all my pictures from the last 10 years in project life albums and I'm working backwards.

I decided to start with 2013 on the blog. I figured I'd do a few pages at a time starting from the beginning.

Next up is January 19, 2013 through February.

Full Spread: Kendyl's Spa Birthday Party at Sweet N Sassy
Left Side: Chocolate Facials
Right Side Insert: 8x8 chocolate facial
Up close of 8x8 chocolate facial of birthday girl

Left Side: 8x8 of all the girls (I love inserts of 5x7 and 8x8 pictures)
Right Side: Insert of Invitation

Left Side Insert: Back of invitation insert is a 5x7 of the birthday girl
Right Side: Insert (Becky Higgins Design G) of manis and pedis and party favors
Here I used a flip up 4x6 photo protector (I love these!). You can get them here.

Party Favors: Monogrammed robes and slippers for the girls

Full Spread: Still birthday party pictures.
Left Side: Hair and Make-up
Right Side: Making lotion and birthday cookie cake
Close up of left side
Close up of right side
Left Side: Last page of spa birthday party - gifts and fashion show.

Close up of left side

Right Side Insert: Birthday Party Thank You sent to all the girls
Inside of the thank you note. I put the inside of the card in the page protector and sewed it along the fold so you can flip it up and see it without having to take the whole card out.

Right Side without Insert: January 20, 2013 Family Birthday Party at our house

Next Page Left Side: Still pictures from the family birthday party. A birthday present, a hello kitty watch and all others are family pictures.

Close up of left side

Right Side: Random pictures from the week.
Top Row: Birthday dinner at Benihanna's and duct tape flip flops my daughter made
Middle Row First Picture: Kendyl and daddy
Middle Row and Bottom Row: Pictures of my daughter's friends at school at recess. We have a day once per month where parents come to the school and volunteer watching the kids during recess and lunch while the teachers can all go to lunch as a group. I volunteer every month and it's a great chance to take pictures of her and her friends.
Birthday Dinner at Benihanna's
Close up of duct tape flip flops
Next Page Left Side: Random pictures from the week
First Picture Top Row and Bottom Row: Pictures from lunch at school. My husband and I have lunch every Friday with our daughter at school so I have lots of pictures of them at lunch throughout my albums.
Middle Row: A sweet sticky note I found in the playroom and some pictures from dance class.
Right Side: Note written at school for me. 

Close up of left side

Close up of sweet little sticky note I found in the playroom. I'm always finding notes and stories that I "steal" and put in my albums. She really hates it when I take her stuff but I can't help it!

Left Side Insert: School work
Right Side: Kendyl's new big girl room.
Left Side: More room re-do. Right Side Insert: A panoramic view of her room after the weekend painting. It's still not done, we still have the walls to decorate and we have since added curtains.
Close up view
I LOVE the top 2 4x6 pictures. We had music playing while I was painting and she started dancing on her bed. I grabbed my camera and snuck a few pictures. And don't be fooled by all the pictures of her "painting" -- I did ALL the priming, painting and taping. LOL
Close up view
LOVE the bottom picture of her "reading nook." We hung book shelves to put her favorite books, the Daisy Meadows series of fairy books.

Panoramic view of the room after being painted. Still need to finish the walls and I will update this picture in the album to the finished room.

Close up of Right Side: Another insert of Twin Day at school.

Left Side Insert: Back of insert me and Kendyl. Right Side: Science Night at school.

Full Spread: February 2, 2013 - My niece's birthday party. Right Side: Insert of my husband and I from the photo booth at Itz.

And this takes us to the end of January, beginning of February. My next project life post will finish the month of February!
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  1. I love how your pages feel so vibrant and full of life. My favorite page is the "new room" page. Looks great!

  2. What size page protectors do you use for cards & programmes etc?

  3. Hi again,
    Would the WRMK photo fuse work on the custom page protector for greeting cards, I mean where you normally sew a line on it?