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Project Life 2013 Post #5

This post starts with March 2013.  I rearranged a few inserts of school work so I could add more to the back of the page protectors so I didn't waste any space. The ladybug report is one that I moved so you probably saw it last week too.

Sorry about all the glare in the pictures. I think it might be because I'm at the end of the album and the pages are thicker in the middle than at the edges. You can tell that the pages are rounded because of that.

Right Side: Start of March 2013

Becky Higgins Design I  insert of instagram pictures. Miley and her pink ball. She chases and rolls it around and around the house every day and night until she poops out and falls asleep. She tries to get you to take it from her and she will swipe it with her paw. She will also roll it to you to kick it so she can chase it. She will sit there FOREVER waiting for you to kick it.

Left Side: Back side of Becky Higgins Design I  insert of instagram pictures. Top Pic: Box of goodies I got in the mail -- I went a little crazy at the Coach store. Middle Pic: Kendyl reading with her itty bitty book light. Bottom Pic: After a long bike ride. Helmet hair.

Right Side: More school work inserts.

Left & Right Sides: School work

Left Side: School work. Right Side: Random pictures. Top Row is Miley on the way to drop off Kendyl at school in her fuzzy pink coat and heated seat. It was a cold day. Middle Row is a picture at lunch at school and of Miley in the carpool line. Bottom Row: Grandma came to lunch at school and a picture of Kendyl and her friends at school.

Right Side


Next 2 Page Spread: A day at my sister-in-laws new house. This is the first time we saw the house after they moved in. Top Row is Matt holding Chloe and everyone sitting around watching March Madness. Middle and Bottom Rows: the girls were dancing, doing gymnastics and doing karate in the upstairs den that had no furniture in it yet. They were doing shows and charging money to buy tickets! Right Side Insert: a 5x7 insert of Chloe, my niece.

Left Side close up

Love this journal card! I totally stole the idea from Gretchen Clark's PL album here http://www.gretchenclarkblog.com/2013/04/project-life-wednesday-birthday-boy.html. You have to check out her blog, her PL pages are fabulous!

Right Side with Insert

Left Side: back of insert of Kendyl feeding Chloe. Right Side: pictures of all the girls.

Next page Left Side: more pictures from visiting family. Black and white pictures. I love to take black and white pictures. Right Side: More school work.

Left Side close up

Another insert of a drawing I found in Kendyl's playroom when she was playing teacher. Yes, I stole it, and yes, when she sees it, I will have to give it back. :(

Right Side without insert: March Girl Scout Meeting. We went to the Police Station and Matt gave the girls a tour. They also got fingerprinted and made first aid kits. The top 2 4x6 pictures on the left are inserts, you can see a tab at the top to turn the insert.

Here's a close up of the tabs I got at The Container Store. You can read about that here.

Left Side: Back of insert of the girls getting fingerprinted.

Close up

Next Page Left Side: We had a shed built to hold all of our pool stuff. I had to keep replacing everything every year because the extreme heat, wind and rain in Texas ruins all the cushions, umbrellas, toys, etc. so now I have a safe place for them. Right Side: Insert of Kendyl and daddy being silly.

Close up of left side

There's all my new cushions! I can't wait to put them out.

Right side close up

Left Side: Back of insert of pictures of Kendyl and Miley with her new toy. Right Side: Pictures of Kendyl artwork from school. I really don't like this page so I will probably redo it and add more artwork as I get it from school for the rest of the year. This is when I start over thinking and being a perfectionist until I get it right.

Next 2 Page Spread: This is one of my favorite layouts. During spring break, a bunch of us went to Lunch of Love to volunteer. LOL makes thousands of lunches every day for local kids who would otherwise go without food. They also deliver the kids food on Fridays to last them throughout the weekend. It's an amazing organization. You can find out more about them here. It was our first time volunteering and we plan on doing much more during the summer. Kendyl loved it and wants to go back to help again.

There's my little cutie helping to pack the lunches with all the big kids. So cute! I.LOVE.THIS.PICTURE!

Next Page Left Side: Random pictures from the week. Yoga, Kendyl and Miley, Miley in her favorite spot on the back of the couch and some ducks at the park. For some reason, I love to take pictures of ducks. I have a million of them throughout the years???????

Close up left side

Here's another tab from The Container Store. Love these tabs!! I stamped on it with mini letters.

Right Side: American Girl. On the last day of spring break, we woke up and Kendyl wanted to go to the American Girl store. So off we went! We just browsed around, got Cara's (her doll) hair done, rode the train and had lunch. It was a fun day.

Left Side: more American Girl pictures

Right Side: A note she wrote in school.

Inside the card. I put it in a page protector but keep the front of the card our and sew along the seam so you can open the card without having to take it out of the page protector. You can read about that here where I talk about some of my favorite Project Life techniques.

WHEW! Lots of pictures! If you're still with me, that takes us to the end of Volume 1. My first album is full!! The second album of the year starts with Easter and I'll show that next time! I also plan on doing a GIVEAWAY next Tuesday of a set of JADE EDITION CARDS. Come back next week for a chance to win!

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