Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #3

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday!
One reason I recently started this blog was to post my project life pages. I don't do project life weekly, I actually use every picture I take and put it in my albums. I try to do one whole page or two pages of the same theme/occassion but many times my pages have random pictures too. I am caught up with 2013 and I have all of 2011 and 2012 done. I am currently also working on 2010 at the same time as keeping up with 2013. I'm up to about August of 2010. I plan on putting all my pictures from the last 10 years in project life albums and I'm working backwards.

I decided to start with 2013 on the blog. I figured I'd do a few pages at a time starting from the beginning.

Next up is through February 2013.
Left Side: Random Pictures. Top 2 rows are February's Girl Scout meeting where the girls made fruit faces and girl scout cookie signs for our girl scout cookie booth later in the month. Bottom row is my niece and a birthday party picture. Right Side: Insert of a fruit report from girl scouts.

Close up of left side.

Another close up of left side.

Left Side: Back of insert of school work. Right Side: Insert of a book of Kendyl's 100th day of school. (I just realized I have the February tab in the wrong place -- it should be 2 pages back.)

Another insert of school work

Right Side: We went to a Boots and Badges Gala and this is the program.

More inserts from the gala of our auction bidding number (I love auctions)!!

Left Side: Back of insert with more auction stuff. Right Side: I put a small insert of a text my daughter sent to me while we were at the gala.  She really wanted to go because she loves auctions too but it was for adults only. She later told me she tried to make the most pathetic looking face to show me how sad she was.

Right Side: More pictures of the gala.

Left Side: We had an early release day from school so we went to Main Event with a bunch of friends for some lunch, bowling and games. Right Side: Valentine's Day insert of a valentine my daughter made for our dog, Miley.

Right Side: Valentines from Kendyl's school party I put in a baseball card page protector. I love keeping these to look back at to see what was popular at the time, i.e. angry birds.

Right Side: Pictures from Kendyl's school Valentine's Day party.

That takes us up to February 14, 2013.

My next post will also be more from February 14th through the end of February.

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  1. Wow - these pages look awesome. I am super impressed (awed!!) that you are going back and putting all your photos into PL style albums - that is so cool.

  2. I love hearing the different ways people use Project Life. Really opens me up to new ideas on scrapping past years.
    LOVE the Main Event/Valentine spread. It's so colorful! The Valentine's fit perfectly in those baseball card holders.

  3. I lovfe how well you document!