Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pink Eye

Kendyl has been wanting to get her nails done all week and I finally decided we would go today. We haven't been in almost 4 weeks and we were in dire need of a manicure and pedicure. It was so relaxing! Just what we needed!

Kendyl also woke up with a swollen, red eye. We made a quick trip to the doctor to get it checked out. They thought maybe she had something in her eye or scratched her cornea so they put these fluorescent drops in her eye and looked at it with a black light. It was pretty cool. And although I am no doctor, I knew that that was not what the problem was because I scratched my cornea before and it was very painful and I couldn't even keep my eye open. But I didn't want to tell the doctor that so I let them check her out. What really makes me mad is that our regular pediatrician wasn't there so I had to go with some random doctor we have never been to. Our normal doctor would never have done that test. Anyways, they said she had pink eye (although not very convincingly) and we came home with antibiotic drops.
Here's the cool drops they put in her eye to check to see if her cornea was scratched (which, by the way, it was not).

I thought it was cool, but Kendyl did not
And, because I think it's so cute when Miley sleeps on the pillow, here's some of that too.

And now I'm off to bunco!!

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