Monday, April 22, 2013

Favorite Finds

This weekend we spent a lot of time at the mall. With Kendyl in a wheelchair, and us wanting to get out of the house, the mall is the best place to go because it's big (big enough to wheel around with no problems) and we don't have to really worry about crowds. We went to the Galleria on Saturday. SO.MUCH.FUN!  Kendyl and I love to shop and we found some really great things.

I took her to the Container Store for the first time and she loved it! She is just like her mommy and loves to organize and loves CONTAINERS!!

Look what I found there! So excited!!

We could hardly contain ourselves!

Plastic containers that are the perfect size for PL 3x4 cards!

And they're stackable!

Here's my favorite find of the day! A whole BOOK of sticky tabs! I.LOVE.TABS!!

And they fold into a little book too!

I already used one in my PL album I'll be sharing tomorrow. I put 2 back to back and then covered it with clear packing tape so it's super sturdy.

Also found page protectors. They have all different sizes.
If the Container Store hadn't been our last stop of the day and if we weren't so tired, we would have done so much more damage! We didn't even get through the entire store!
Here's some other cute things I found at Marshalls for a steal! I'm in love with the bright blues!
I'm obsessed with cake plates! I love them! I have a million of them and I keep buying more.

Can't wait to put my eggs in here! haha

Also got a bunch of dresses for Kendyl at Hannah Andersson, my new favorite kids store. I can't wait to go back when she can wear pants and shorts.

Come back tomorrow for Project Life Tuesday! Linking up with The Mom Creative!

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