Monday, April 1, 2013

Bee Silk

I have to share my fabulous find with you all! Bee Silk! It comes in a cute little tin and it looks like a bar of soap but it's actually a block of lotion!

My skin is so dry during the winter and also because I wash my hands a million times a day. My skin always hurts so bad because it's so dry. I only use Bath and Body Foaming Soap because it doesn't dry out my skin like all other hand soaps do.

I've tried every lotion on the market and nothing really works. I do use and love Mary Kay Satin Hands that I get from my friend here

Then I came across this hard lotion. It's solid at room temperature but when you rub it on your skin, your body temperature causes the lotion to soften on contact. And the best part is that it is made with only three ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax!

I ordered a family bar just to try it out first because my skin is so sensitive. AND it's the greatest lotion I've ever used! I highly recommend it. You can get it here It's a bit pricey but it's well worth it. I promise you will love it too!

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