Sunday, April 21, 2013

A walk though the garden

This morning when I woke up, it was such a beautiful day, I had to walk around my garden. The bottlebrush is my all time favorite flower and I didn't realize they were already blooming. I love the deep red and I especially love the buds right before they bloom, they look like red thread. It's amazing!

If they thrive in your area, I promise you need to plant one or two or three. I have three and they bloom in the spring and all summer long too.  They seem to grow and bloom best in full sun. My bottlebrushes in the backyard, which get full sun, grow like crazy. I have three in my front yard which barely gets any sun and they are still little bitty plants and never bloom.

Look at the buds, aren't they gorgeous!
I have a little herb garden so I can cook with fresh herbs and my sage is growing like crazy as always.
Love my palm trees! It's like I'm on vacation every day!
And we can't wait to jump in the pool. Although, with this crazy weather, who knows when that will be. We went in the pool last year for the first time of the year on March 26th! Almost a month later and it's still too cold. Just 2 days ago we were in our hats, gloves and winter coats!
Happy spring! I know it's still snowing in so many places -- but in Texas, it looks like spring!

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