Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #6 + JADE GIVEAWAY!!

I'm starting on album #2 for 2013!

I'm also hosting a GIVEAWAY for a set of JADE EDITION Project Life cards!

Keep reading for the details.
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The winner of the Project Life journaling/filler cards is Robin! I've sent you an email.

Right side of new album
A Trip to the Dentist
Kendyl had her 6 month cleaning and she also had a baby tooth that WOULD.NOT.COME.OUT! It's been loose for 2 years! No exaggeration! There was nothing left holding it in but it would not budge! Her front teeth grew in front so you couldn't see it, but it was there! We went to the dentist twice over the past year but they could not get it out without sedating her and they told me it wasn't necessary because it would fall out on it's own. Well, it never did. We went to a new pediatric dentist and she got it out without any problems! She was wonderful and we were all so very happy!!  THEN we got in the car and Kendyl dropped her tooth and we never could find it! She wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened. So cute!

Close up

Kendyl proudly holding that baby tooth and her note to the tooth fairy

Left Side: Riding her bike without training wheels. And her new bike.
Right Side: Insert of the whale her 2nd grade class adopted.

Left Side

Right Side Insert

Insert of school work

Right Side: Matt went to the Shell Houston Open with his dad and brother-in-law

Coloring Easter Eggs

Left Side of coloring eggs

Right Side 8x8 Insert

Left Side Back of Insert: 8x8 picture with the Easter bunny

Another insert Becky Higgins Design I

Back of insert

Right Side

Easter bunny came to town!

Left Side

Right Side

Easter with our families at my sister-in-laws house

Left Side opening Easter baskets

Right Side

Our annual Easter Egg Fight!
It's a yearly tradition that we wait for all year long. Everyone picks a number and then a bracket is created. #1 & #2 go against each other and battle egg against egg. Then #3 & #4, #5 & #6, and so on. The one who has the broken egg is out and the one with the non-broken egg goes on to the next round until we have a first and second place winner. First place gets $20 and second place gets $10.

Left Side: Winners on the bottom right. I created a flip up by sewing a
4x6 protector right on the page protector.
This is the first time I've done this and I loved it!

Flip up insert

Right Side Insert: more pictures from the egg fight

Right Side: Another insert of Kendyl's Pysanky egg from art class

Back of insert of Pysanky egg

Rigth Side: Dance March 2013 practicing for recital

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Now for the GIVEAWAY!!
Winner will be selected on Friday, May 3rd
***TIME'S UP!***
The winner of the Project Life journaling/filler cards is Robin! I've sent you an email.
I'm giving away a set of JADE EDITION Project Life cards!
50 3x4 cards, 30 4x6 cards

Just leave me a comment, including your email address, and you're entered to win!! If you choose not to leave your email address in the comments then check back here on Friday, May 3, 2013 to see if you are the winner. Otherwise, I will email the winner!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Back To School

Kendyl went back to school today!
She had a great day and I'm so happy about that!
Come back tomorrow for Project Life Tuesday! Linking up with The Mom Creative!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

JJ Watt Charity Classic & Birthday Party

Today we went to the JJ Watt Charity Classic at Constellation Field. The charity event was the Houston Texans Offense vs Defense in a softball game. It was, hands down, the best sporting event we've ever been to! It was so fun and the Texans were hilarious! They started off with a Home Run Derby where every player competed to see who could hit the most home runs. Matt Schwab, the Texans quarterback, won.
The game was so good. Schwab caught a fly ball and went through the fence. Watt came out with a softball glove that was HUGE! Watt almost got hit with the ball by the pitcher and a fight ensued, fake, of course, but it was great!
The score was 19-18, Defense won. We can't wait to go back next year!

JJ Watt

JJ Watt's huge glove



Matt Schwab

We had skybox seats but they didn't have any wheelchair seats
and Kendyl couldn't see so we went down to the bottom level

The game was at the Skeeters stadium so Swatson, the Skeeters mascot,
was there and signed Kendyl's cast

Swatson's signature - it says Get Well Soon

Kendyl even got to take a picture with the Texans cheerleaders

After the game, we went to my niece's 18th Birthday party! I can't believe she is 18!! Where does the time go?

We had a crawfish boil. Yum!

And played with the snake! Yuk!

And we BLINGED out Kendyl's cast!

We had a great Day!