Friday, March 29, 2013

Project Life 2013 Post #1

Another reason I started this blog was to post my project life pages. I don't do project life weekly, I actually use every picture I take and put it in my albums.  I try to do one whole page or two pages of the same theme/occassion but many times my pages have random pictures too.  I am caught up with 2013 and I have all of 2011 and 2012 done.  I am currently also working on 2010 at the same time as keeping up with 2013. I'm up to about August of 2010.  I plan on putting all my pictures from the last 10 years in project life albums and I'm working backwards.

I decided to start with 2013 on the blog. I figured I'd do a few pages at a time starting from the beginning.

I do project life in chronological order. Here is the first offical page of January 2013.
Left and Insert on Right: January 6, 2013-The Texans were in the playoffs and Matt went to the game. He took all these pictures with his iphone. The picture on the right side was a picture of us on facetime while he was at the game that my daughter took on her ipod. The right side insert is Becky Higgins Design H.

I'm addicted to panoramic pictures with the iphone. The top of the page has a panoramic picture of the stadium that I put in the top 2 4x6 slots.

Just the left side view.

Left Side: This is the back of the insert. We have some bathtub art my daughter made of all of us. And my sweet new niece and making forts while I was cleaning. Right Side (Becky Higgins Design B): These are random pictures from winter break -- getting our nails done, getting some yogurt and other random shots.

Left Side: January 8, 2013-Dance class. I try to take pictures of dance once per month. Right Side: Insert of my daughter's school newsletter. I included it because inside the newsletter there are pictures of my daughter's class playing with bugs (yuck).

Here is the inside of the newsletter. I put it in an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector and cut the left side, then sewed it down the middle so you can open it instead of having to pull it out to look at it.

Right Side (after newsletter): January 8, 2013-Here is our January Girl Scout meeting where the girls painted pictures.

Left Side: January 12, 2013-Birthday party at the roller skating rink. Right Side: Insert of school work.

Left: Back side of insert with more school work. Right: January 12, 2013-Surprise birthday party at Pappadeaux for my sister-in-law. The top 2 4x6 pictures on the left side is an insert (the birthday cake and the one below it with the tab).

Left: Insert flipped over (top 2 4x6 pictures). Right (Becky Higgins Design I): Another insert with 3 4x4 pictures at birthday party with my new niece.

Right side without the insert: - still of the birthday party (oops forgot to take a picture of the backside of the insert).

Full Spread: January 18, 2013-American Girl Store for my daughter's 8th birthday with her BFF. Birthdays are a big deal. We celebrate for a full week. This is Celebration #1 for her. Me, Matt, Kendyl and her BFF went to have dinner there for her birthday. We had reservations for 2 months. We did the party package and she got a hat, birthday cake, full meal. She brought her doll, Cara, too. It was so much fun!
Right Side: There is a 5x7 insert of the girls in front of the American Girl store.

Left: Back of the 5x7 insert with her cake. Right: View without the insert.

Well, that takes us up to January 18, 2013. My next Project Life post will be Celebration #2  which is her spa party with all her friends and Celebration #3 which is a party with all family.

So let me break it down for ya:
Friday: American Girl with her BFF
Saturday: Birthday Party at Sweet N Sassy with all her friends
Sunday: Party at our house with all the family-grandmas, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Lucky little girl!!
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  1. I love your title page, and that panoramic photo at the Texans game. I need to use that feature more!

  2. Awesome title page! And you've packed so much life into the first 18 days! :) Beautiful colorful pages!

  3. Love your pages

  4. Hi,
    Please could you give a tutorial on how you sew your pages?

    I really want to make some like yours but don't know how to.