Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Photo A Day

I am addicted to reading blogs!  I could read them all day if I had the time. Sometimes I'm secretly happy when I'm too busy to read them for a while because then there's more to read when I do finally have time! 

My favorite blogs are the ones about everyday life.

I've been wanting to do one of our own about our everyday life for about a year now but since I'm so busy all the time, I was afraid I would never update it. But, oh well, here I go! You never know until you try! It may not be exciting to others, but it's our life and we LOVE it! My goal is to post at least one picture a day, hence the "Levan Family 365."

The purpose of this little blog is for our family to be able to look back and remember all the fun times and also the not-so-exciting EVERY DAY part of our lives. I'm a firm believer in the everyday things that are the most exciting to look back at and remember.

As I sit here in the carpool line, I'm excited to embark on my new blog adventure and start documenting our everyday life!  And believe me, sitting in the carpool line is certainly a part of my everyday life!  Love being a carpool mom!

In the carpool line

Today, Wednesday, is our non-busy day, which means I look forward to Wednesdays. It's also the day that all our favorite shows are on tv (Full Throttle (season is over - boo!), Duck Dynasty and The Americans). It's one of the only days that we can watch tv together after Kendyl goes to bed without Matt making fun of all my shows and driving me crazy! LOL

But today we have to rush home after school because we have to meet the shed guy. We had a shed built a few weeks ago to store all the pool stuff in -- we call it our "pool house." We had it built because I end up buying all new cushions, toys, umbrellas, chairs, noodles, etc. every year because the extreme heat of Texas ruins everything. When we bought the shed, we also got a planter box for the window (which I thought would look so cute) but of course, they were out of stock at the time, so they are coming today to install it. Can't wait!

Here's a look at the shed being built a few weeks ago...

The Shed



Miley checking out the new structure in her "area"

After View (without my window planter box)

I plan on adding landscaping around it to cover the bottom and make it look nice and add some stepping stones leading from the patio to the "pool house."

Inside View storing the NEW cushions

And now we're ready to jump in the pool! It looks great but it's so COLD outside! Last year we made our debut swim on March 26th, but that's not happening this year!!

And currently, this is what Miley is doing.
'Till tomorrow!

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